Social Support And Depression Among Students Essay

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Social support and depression among students Social support is seen as one of the social determinants for health. Studies show that the people who have a lack of social support have found higher probability of experiencing depression. Social support may reduce and prevent from depression or unnecessary suffering. Depression is the most common problem associated with functional impairment, suicide, academic failure, marital difficulties, unemployment, substance abuse, and legal problems (Seeley & Andrews, 1993). A dominant perspective is that deficits in social support increase the risk for depression. Every human being wants to belong with another. Personal relationship provides safety individuals protect them from too much isolation. Social support is vitial and effective for depression recovery. It has positive effects on person’s life. Among students, depression is extremely prevalent and become widespread problem across the country. Specially university students, they are going from adolescence to adulthood they face many difficulties or problems such as to maintain their good grades, trying to fit in, plan for future and be away from home often cause anxiety for a lot of students. As the reaction of such things, some students get depression, they may cry all the time, skip classes, or isolate themselves. Previous…show more content…
These three subscales include perceived social support from family, perceived social support from friends and perceived social support from significant others ( Zimet, Dahlem & Farley, 1988). There is no specific cut-off score for this instrument. The data cab be interpreted, as the higher score of an individual on each of subscales greater their perception of positive social support. The scale has good internal consistency, test- retest reliability and internal reliability for the overall scales as well as the three

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