Essay On Social Vulnerability

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In defining social vulnerability, the terms are different than vulnerability being applied to built systems but instead refers to potential harm to people. This means certain types of people or groups of people, whose ability to manage and recover is lessor than other portions of the population. Core elements for assessing social vulnerability must first be divided into resources and characteristics influenced by socioeconomic status, environmental and types of infrastructure within the community. Using these categories social vulnerability can be linked to levels of risk and resiliency among populations. Furthermore, measures for social inadequacies are shaped by social status, ethnicity, and gender which happened to be the makeup of many of the communities effected by Hurricane Katrina. Based on this event the social structures had not been addressed such as limited access to communication, various fragile physical environments, and no risk planning for disaster events. Several combining factors will change wage earnings and business operations within the community effecting the social vulnerability levels. In addition, the idea behind the…show more content…
There are linkages between social deficits and vulnerabilities in support of strong indications between high social vulnerability traits and low community resiliency traits. This relationship should include consideration of systematic design and management of policies and procedure processes including resiliency planning to decrease disaster vulnerability while increasing resiliency during the process (Bergstrand, Mayer, Brumback, & Zhang, 2015). Consequently, the further established vulnerability planning and risk assessments, the more of a comprehensive span of resiliency preparedness
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