Essay On Society Is A Dystopian Society

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Our world today has shaped and formed the human race into what it is now. There has been much controversy about whether or not our society is a utopian or dystopian society. After further research, the recent increase of hate groups, demand illicit drugs and all types of violence has led many to believe that the United States is leaning towards a dystopian society. In 2011, there were over 1,000 hate groups operating all over the world. However that number had dropped to 747 just three years later, it has recently increased since then.
The number of hate groups has increased, causing a drastic change in society. It has changed from a utopian society to a dystopian one. Over the past few years, anti-Muslim hate groups have nearly tripled from 34 groups in 2015 to 101 groups in 2016
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However, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center “ The production of methamphetamine results in toxins that range from 5-7 pounds of waste per pound of methamphetamine”(Impact of Drugs on Society). This waste is usually discarded irresponsibly as its dumped into fields, streams, forests, and sewer systems which can cause “extensive environmental damage”(Impact of Drugs on Society). Also, the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) held a survey in 2007 and found that an average of 12.1 deaths per 100,000 people is related to drug abuse. In a perfect society, there would be no such thing as death. The recent demand for illicit drugs would have never happened. Not only this, but the consequences of using an illegal drug are boundless. It can negatively impact a users health which can often lead to sickness or disease. It can also cause permanent, physical, or emotional damage to the users and negatively impact their families and anyone else they have come in contact with. Which leads to the next point on how the recent increase in violence can affect our society to forming a dystopian

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