Essay On Socio-Cultural Impact Of Tourism

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For the assessment of scoial impact of the tourism on residents of Pandharpur, Solapur and Akkalkot. The following parameters are taken into account.
1. Increase in density of population
2. Quality of police protection
3. Strain on police protection
4. Increase in crime rate
5. Improved standard of living
6. Change in occupational structure
7. Active participation of local social organization towards the facilities of tourists
8. Increase in the activities of drug abuse and gambling
9. Increase in the activities of prostitution
10. Duel pricing system and attitude towards bargaining
11.. Awaking general awareness towards the preservation of cultral heritage and traditions

Perception of Residents Response to Socio-cultural Impact of Tourism
For the assessment of socio-cultural impact of tourism on the residents, responses at selected destinations in Solapur district are collected. Impact of tourism is calculated through mean given in the table
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The positive social indicators indicate good sign for the development of tourism in the Solapur district. The local economy of all tourist centers depends on tourism activity. Majority of domestic tourists visit Solapur Akkalkot and Pandharpur during the summer and winter season. Both tourist places tourists get attracted throughout the year for praying tributes Lord. All the tourist places are located very close to Mumbai and Pune, tourist do not accommodate for a long period of time. So there is no high rate of social impact on such tourist centers. Therefore positive social impact is a good sign for the development of tourism in the Solapur

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