Essay On Sociopaths

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The study of psychology evaluates the inner being of an individual. Psychology begins in the early stages of life and is associated with one’s upbringing. Depending on the relationship with parents, to behavior in a social environment, these aspects contribute to help mold a person’s way of thinking. The mental characteristics that are observed has been used overtime to classify individuals as to whether there can be some type of disorder found. The evolution of psychology has created jobs in a variety of different fields such as hospitals, schools, and prisons. Although there is a stigma attached, psychology is beneficial to society as a whole. It allows mental awareness to be known and relevant. It also correlates to everyday aspects in life. Scientific research, experiments and methods help to pinpoint between the conscious and unconscious. The beginning of experimental psychology was introduced by a man named…show more content…
There are many different types of sociopaths. Like an average human being everyone is considered to be unique depending on their lifestyle and personality. The same concept would be applied to the mentality of a sociopath. Sociopaths come in all shapes and sizes, most are highly educated and driven for success. The different sociopath types are the common sociopath, the alienated type, disaffiliated type, the hostile type, disempathetic type, the cheated and aggressive sociopath, and the dysocial sociopath. Each type consist of a different element and upbringing leading to the psychosis. Most sociopaths are a narcissist and manipulative and try to use people in every way that they can. The awareness of these different types of behaviors is gradually growing. The human study evaluates people in specific situations and magnify the changes in the brain. Therefore, classifying the traits into separate types. All the different types have a psychological origin as to how they came
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