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2.3 Sociopragmatic and English Language Teaching 2. 3. 1 Should sociopragmatic be taught? Despite the fact that pragmatic failure is a crucial cause of lack of succcesful communication, teachers, curriculum designers, and textbook writers have roughly all the way pay no attention to it. Why this happens and why they favour to stay on the more trustworthy arena of grammar is not hard to explain. First of all, pragmatic account has not yet arrived at the standard of exatness which grammar has won in presenting linguistic competence (Widdowson, 1979, p. 13 as cited in Thomas, 1983, p. 97). Furthermore, pragmatics is a precarious field and after what precedent it can be taught is not promptly obvious (p. 97). To this extent, the farther imperative issue is whether…show more content…
The antagonists believe that “competence, whether linguistic or pragmatic, is not teachable” (Kasper, 1997, p. 1). They believe that competence should be in possession, progressed, mastered, employed or mislayed by learners at most. They also hold that English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes should not expound the culture of English-speaking countries considering English belongs to Britain, Australia and North America. This because these countries are exercising hegemony and linguistic imperialism (Cutting, 2008, p. 73). Additionally, the opposition concluded that since most learners of English, especially from the outer circle, will not practice English on a daily basis and will use it for the most part with other NNSs, it is not confirmed which pragmatic system is to work for as a model. The other issue on the other side’s ground is most teachers of EFL are NNSs and for this reason do not retain the NSs instinct to bring into play the correspondent approaches and materials. More than that, they are not so sure whether instruction in language use will be in effect in establishing learners’ pragmatic competence (Rose, 1994, p.

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