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The Mattress Debate goes on

The mattress as we know it today has come a long way since its inception during the Stone Age as a pile of leaves and grass. The conversation today revolves around proving which is superior between the hard mattress and the soft mattress and John Ryan1 has invested his time dissecting this debate. Whichever the case, however, sleep experts at MD Health2 water down this debate to one important point; how well your body is aligned as you sleep.

You may assume that the position you are most comfortable sleeping in should be okay but is that really the case?

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Natural Sleep Foundation3 outlines other effects of bad sleeping habits besides to include, weariness, muscle spasm, poor blood
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This is why you will sometimes wake up with a sharp pain in your side or neck. Dr. Mandell5 instructs further that misaligned shoulders will put undue strain on your neck muscles, causing you chronic pain and recurring headaches. While these effects may take time to manifest, you can avoid them altogether by sleeping on the floor.

Economical: Buying a mattress can cause a significant dent on your credit card especially when you listen to the ranging mattress debate. When you decide to sleep on the floor, you can finally enjoy your peace and save your hard earned money for something else. What’s the difference between a hard mattress and the floor anyway when you know the soft one will have you sleeping in hunched up position?


MD Health2 doctors do warn for you to be ready to face the discomfort you are bound to experience during the first few times of sleeping on the floor especially if you are overweight. You can make yourself comfortable by using a pillow then get rid of it as you get accustomed to it.

Although sleeping on your back is recommended Natural Sleep Foundation3 cautions that this position may cause the tongue to block the breathing tube, making it a dangerous position for people suffering from sleep apnea.

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