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To begin with I would like to certainly outline the features and the way how does the actual solar chimney is utilizing in the society and commercial politics. Solar updraft technology might sound like a futuristic power source, but the concept was first suggested 101 years ago by Isidoro Cabanyes, a Spanish army colonel.
A solar chimney uses the same principle at use in a fireplace. Heat naturally rises; like the air from a fire will rise through a chimney, creating draft, and taking the smoke with it. This suction is the reason why there is no smoke in a dwelling when a fire is burning in the fireplace. One of the most important things to consider when preparing for a solar chimney is placement. The solar chimney must be placed on the roof of a structure in an area that is naturally hit by the sun’s rays. The best scenario is to place the chimney in an area that gets hit when the sun is strongest in the afternoon. It is also important to consider the thermal characteristics of the solar chimney and design the solar chimney with materials that absorb the most heat, which generally includes a black frame, tinted glass, and insulated glazing. Size of the solar chimney is another important consideration,
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It may be located only on one side of the building (highest part) or may cover the entire height of the solar chimney. Orientation (relative to the sun), material, insulation and thermal properties of the solar chimney are of extreme importance for the quality of these types of passive air-conditioning. The main ventilation shaft – whose position, height and distribution of thermal properties significantly affect the whole system. Input and output shafts of air – whose position, size and aerodynamic properties are essential for the effectiveness of the
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