Solutions To Gender Inequality Essay

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From the table (Figure 1.1), the low human development has the highest number of gender inequality index value in 2013. Assuming that only small percentages of females are allowed to go to school, which make the females uneducated and unable to go to a suitable place of work or work in a workplace, economically, it is very low because the workforce has a lower number of people than the rest of the countries that have very high to medium human development. Therefore , the country has a very slow development due to the low human development which is in economically and education that should be received by people as their own rights as a human being whether they are female or male. Women Examples in Today’s Life Today, God also use women…show more content…
From the examples of women’s act and confidence above, shows that women are not going to submit because of the gender inequality. Solutions to Gender Inequality The solutions can be promoting gender equality such like Emma Watson being feminism. ”Watson made headlines around the world for her powerful speech when launching the HeForShe campaign at the U.N. Summit in September. She took to the podium and declared that feminism is "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities," and that men can be feminists , too” (Sieczkowski).The promotion of gender equality is very important so that gender inequality is extinguished and bring up equality for genders. Conclusion Gender roles are important in this world. Because of gender roles, there is the existence of gender inequality. Most victims are woman, which is caused by culture or misinterpretation of the Bible by several people. However , many examples of women in today’s life can be used as a role model that females should not submit to gender inequality. As humans, everyone has their own rights. Thus , gender inequality can be fixed by the promotion of gender equality in the environment, thus building the confidence in entering a society where gender equality

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