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In this article I will discuss 3 ways to help you solving your marital problems and ultimately saving your marriage.
1) Identify the problems
First of all you need to clearly single out each problem in your relationship and its reason. Although it might be a painful exercise to do, you need to acknowledge and accept that they do indeed exist. As upsetting and heartbreaking as some issues might be, you will do your couple a disservice by avoiding them. You need to be totally honest here if you stand any chance of solving your marital problems. You need to be able to name each issue to solve it!
Couples often make the mistake of going straight to Marriage Counseling before even attempting to identify their own problems. You must first try
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The reason for this is that it is very hard for close relations to give you an un-biased opinion. Instead they might demonize one spouse, blame him/her for all the relationship problems and side with the other spouse. This has the detrimental effect of “adding more oil onto the fire”, it can aggravates the marital problems and also make each partner resent the other’s one friends/relatives and vice-versa. Receiving bad advice from biased people will only serve to speed up your marriage breakdown.
Marriage counseling
Many couples prefer to participate in marriage counseling where they can receive un-biased advice. Ideally you should seek professional help before problems reach critical stage in your marriage. Both partners should attend the counseling which can be an effective tool to improve their relationships.
For marriage counseling to be truly effective, no subject should be out of boundaries. Remember, each session is carried out in strict confidence, and the counselor will never discuss your marital problems outside the counseling session. It is important that the couple discuss openly their marriage problems in order to find an appropriate

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