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Sonata form, a term that all classical musicians encountered, primarily appeared in one movement of the whole sonata, symphony, string quartet, concerto, and chamber music. It has the most significant status in Western Art Music. In other words, it is also known as the sonata-allegro form or first movement form. Typically, it is a three-part section, consisting of exposition, development, and recapitulation. Expositions are often repeated, whereas development and recapitulation sections are repeated occasionally. The exposition section compromises the principal theme, divided into two subjects. The first subject starts with tonic key and modulates to the dominant key in the second subject. For minor key in the first subject, this will modulate to the relative major. Sometimes, the counter-subject exists within the first subject, thus, leading into the second subject into a modulation (usually to the dominant/relative major key), also known as a bridge passage. The second subject is then introduced in a dominant or relative major key. This subject provides an answer to the first subject, a…show more content…
Most of them know that the sonata form exists during the late 18th century. They would also study sonata form from its existence to how it developed and changed into. There were many assumptions and researches on the history of the foundation and origins of sonata form. They undertake the principal on the presence of history in a form that is made. However, the form is subjected to transform over time. Influences from composers from the different musical period: Baroque, Classical, Romantic period, and 20th century. Sonata form came into view in all types of compositions such as Concertos, String Quartets, Chamber Music, Symphony, and not to overlook, the Sonatas itself. In general, sonata form is only acquainted with one movement of the whole 3 to 4 movements of

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