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An event is about gathering people to create, operate, participate in an experience,(Silvers, 2004). Although there are a lot of countless types of events, major event will be the one type of event that will be discussed in this research paper. Songkran festival is a major event that put together people from local communities and tourists to celebrate new year, which also generates significant immediate and long-term economic, social and culture.
Songkran festival is the annual celebration of the Thai New Year. The word “Songkran” means change or movement and refers to the movement of the sun in the sky and changing of the season. It is the celebration of new life and new beginnings and the preparation for good fortune in the new year. Songkran is celebrated with a variety of different ceremonies and rituals involving cleaning up and preparing for the new year. These include blessings with water where participants are sprinkled with water to give good fortune for the new year. People usually go to the Buddhist temple and donate food or offering necessities to monk which is considered as one of the most powerful religious acts in
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By judging the participants who take part in the festival can criticize in social cultural impact. Generally, the definition of good or bad event count on the local people’s perception. (Andersson & Lundberg, 2013) describe that “socio-cultural impact is how local residents evaluate advantages and disadvantages towards the event”. It is very important because it reflect the reputation of nation. The creation of media also plays a vital role in the foundation of national reputation. (Keogh, 1990) defines that “the effects produced by the organization of cultural festivals accomplished by media coverage which, if any, may be

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