Essay On Sound Editing

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The Most Creative Sound Editing Sound editing is not a hard thing to do, especially when you are having fun and you have lots on knowledge and skill for sound editing process. We know that it is very nice to hear a well polished sound within a multi tracks. Some sound editing seems to be boring and sounds too wet or too dries for focusing on setting a surprise amount of silence and very fancy tuning or just nothing but an ordinary process; we can easily compensate this sound scene by just adding some intended noise effect, stick clicks and some chatter sound effect or some impulsive percussion sounds and other types of sound instrument boosting effect, but of course don’t forget to use some gates to remove too much unwanted noise or unwanted spill between each fills. Use Comping…show more content…
Voice treatment It is very usual to make a compression with voice, especially when we hear the mouth breath, mouth opening or even accidental microphone collision within the surface, which may cause a serious sound destruction, because this unwanted sound will also amplify with your sound piece, but you can easily duck and remove this by automatically adjusting the each sound instrument or just simply masking it with other intense sound, like adding impulsive beat or other intense sound instrument with perfect pairing. You can also use de-essing technique to make a flawless cutting of unwanted sound. After this treatment process, you can proceed with adding your creative voice effect. Creative Vocal Sound
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