Dylan Garofalo Sound Experiment

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Dylan Garofalo
Dylan Garofalo's Research Report
How do different notes on different instruments effect the vibration of said instrument? Over the past month or so I, Dylan Garofalo, have been researching anything and everything that has to do with an instrument and how it works. The subjects that are connecting to my problem are such things as vibration, sound waves, frequency, and how all of these subjects connect to create the sound that is emitted from mostly any instrument. To find the intriguing answer to my problem statement I will use a device known as an oscilloscope to find out how large or how small of a sound wave is emitted from each instrument that I have availability over.
Sound waves are the foundation of the sounds
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A soundwave is made up of many parts such as wavelength, amplitude, crest, and trough. Wavelength is the distance from one crest on the sound wave to another crest on the sound wave. The trough is the lowest point on a sound wave and the crest is the highest point on a wave. Amplitude is the distance from the crest to the trough. All of the pieces that are provided are incredibly essential to the wave as each by themselves creates nothing but once all of them combine they create a complete sound wave that creates all sound that we know. There are three different types of sound that we know of
Infrasound, which is any sound wave with a frequency that is below twenty hertz, audible sound, the sound that most humans hear through day to day life which is any
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1 of 4 12/4/2017, 10:18 PM sound wave with a frequency of twenty hertz to twenty-thousand hertz, and ultra sound, which is any sound with a frequency of twenty-thousand hertz and above.
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Vibration is the movement of first moving forward and that moving backwards at a constant rate. This motion can be represented by attaching one end
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There are many categories of instrument one being the woodwinds, this category consists of three different types of instruments, the saxophone (the best instrument in the entire band, this is not an opinion this is a fact), the clarinet, and the flute. There are two main different types of flutes, the piccolo and the regular flute, two main different types of clarinet, the bass clarinet and the regular clarinet, and three main different types of saxophones, the alto saxophone, the tenor saxophone, and the Bari saxophone. The next category of instruments is the low brass, this consists of trumpets, french horn, trombones, baritone, and tuba. There is also the string category which consists of anything with strings. Each of these instruments work a different way. A saxophone and a clarinet work almost identically, you vibrate the reed which also vibrates the instrument creating sounds then to change the pitch you close air holes also changing the way the air moves. The only difference between a clarinet and a saxophone is the way they are shaped and the placement of the

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