Essay On Southern Gothic

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Southern Gothic has shaped American society today. Southern Gothic appears in novels, movies, theater plays, and many other works. American society reflects the Southern Gothic genre in many aspects of entertainment. Southern Gothic is a genre based on the south that focus on grotesque themes. Society still sees the genre aspects in art and literature today. The genre had developed during the civil war in the twentieth century. The civil war had ultimately caused the end of slavery while leaving America devastated. America was economically failing along with their social standpoint, despite the aftermath of the war, this enabled many authors to write about what it meant to be southern and their southern lives. Southern Gothic’s Strategy…show more content…
Movies such as The Beguiled, which was initially a novel based on A Painted Devil written by Thomas P. Cullinan have created immense progression within America today. The motion picture based during the civil war at an all girls boarding school. The women find a wounded enemy soldier on the school grounds. The ladies are isolated from society furthermore portrays the genre. The soldier who is in critical condition later reveals his name to be John Mcburney. The civil war, soldiers, and scenery of the movie depict and demonstrates Southern Gothic.The ladies tend to his wound despite being an adversary showing southern hospitality, the Southern gothic genre aspects. While John is attended to he becomes infatuated with the older women. Martha Farnsworth,Edwina Dabney, and Alicia are victims of John’s immense charm. Martha the head of the school is determined to keep the other girls from the room where john receives care excluding Edwina, the only teacher in the boarding school. Edwina consequently getting her heart broke falls in love with John and presumed they would get married. Alicia a promiscuous student defies Martha 's rule of invading the room and has sexual relations with the soldier. Alicia’s morals are questioned , but are easily forgiven. The movie defines a new meaning to jealousy as the girls no longer are disgruntled with one another. The ladies direct their frustration toward John who has further continued his relations with Edwina. John demonstrates an violent, evil man during the end of the
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