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Humans have always been explorers from the beginning of the time to forever. At ancient times they stumbled upon unknown seas or lands and they explored them by a desire to dare and conquer new areas, and they also wanted to have their wealthiness. In today, there is no place that have not explored in the world, so humans set their sights on the space, they have been fascinated with the sky and stars since the beginning of humanity. They wonder the space and they want to their curiosity and feeling that want to know unknown. Eventually, they started to think how they can reach the deep of the universe. More and more people are coming up with the new ways on how to study the universe. Fortunately, Yuri Gagarin was the first man who see the world…show more content…
Discoveries from space explorations have led to some innovations on health and medicine. For example, infrared ear thermometer has been invented. İts working system is like aural thermometer, which uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of stars and planets. By the same way, the amount of energy emitted by eardrum is measured. Moreover, space explorations led to innovations associated with environmental issues. Making these innovations can be the way to improve our lives. For instance, Nasa engineers developed the new system to purificate water for their astronauts living on International Space Station and to use in future moon and space missions, but fortunately this system benefiting people all over the world who need clean affordable water. On the other hand, space explorations generate a scientific knowledge. This expands human’s understanding of nature. It provides us knowledge about origins solar system and our planet, and helps to answer some questions. The knowledge gained over many missions and explorations help people acquire perspective on the fragility and rarity of the life in the universe. For instance, studies of human body’s response to extended periods in micro gravity environment of the International Space station are improving our understanding of aging

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