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Space is a void that exists beyond the earth’s atmosphere. It is boundless 3-Dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Space has no air, gravity, water, light etc. It is totally covered with darkness. It has stars, comets, planets, asteroids and many more. Space has no medium. There is no firm boundary where space ends. Space is a particular vacuum. Geo space is the region of outer space near earth. Geo space includes the upper region of the atmosphere and the magnetosphere. According to the big bang theory the whole universe is originated in an extremely hard and dense state. It appears that the space was created in the Big bang, 13.8 billion years ago. Interplanetary space is the space around the sun and planets of…show more content…
Today, because of global warming, natural calamities and for many more space settlement is needed. In the upcoming years humans may also be extinct. So to overcome that space settlement is needed. The necessity of space settlement is explained clearly in the chapter 1.3. Space settlement was planned by an idea of “extinction of humans” in coming years by “Garudam Lee”. So, all together we can define a space settlement as a home in space providing all needs like in earth. Just one difference will be that we are living in a home in space but not on earth. Practically it is very much difficult to build a space colony. For building a space colony there are many requirements needed. And the technology also should be very much advanced because we cannot transport many people from the earth to the space and for human survival we need many things like oxygen, gravity, water and many more which will be not available in space. These are the challenges of space settlement and will be clearly explained in the chapter1.4. So it will be clear to say that there will be many advantages and disadvantages of building a space

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