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April 28, 2001 was a very important date for space being a tourist destination. Dennis Tito, a very wealthy businessman was the first ever space tourist. He paid around $20 million to stay in space for 1 week. Dennis Tito took a Soyuz rocket on his journey into space. This journey continued all the way to April 30, 2001, to he arrived at the International Space Station. The Soyuz is a Russian rocket that carries people and supplies into space and back to earth. It has a room for 3 people. The Soyuz, on the outside is a two component rocket. It consist of the rocket itself and the capsule. The capsule is where the passengers or astronomers stay and consist of 3 different modules. The rocket part is what launches the capsule into space.
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In the past space tourism was seen to be very costly and not as popular, Due to this reason the space tourism industry continues to expand and more companies and vehicles are being made to create a cheap and affordable trips. The are many companies in this industry such as, XCOR Aerospace, Blue Origin and Armadillo Aerospace There 2 main companies that I will be talking about Zero G Corporation and Virgin Galactic.
The first company is Zero G Corporation. They are a privately owned space tourism company. They was made to make the excitement and adventure of space accessible to the public. One of the vehicles that they use is called a G-Force One. The G-Force One is like a modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft. They generally charge around $4,500 - $5,000 per a person. This company offers you a glimpse of microgravity when you go on the G-Force One. The plane flies a series of 12 to 15 parabolic arcs and different states of space. The 12 to 15 parabolic maneuver allows us to experience the gravity on mars or the moon for about 35 seconds. This company flew first in 2006 and now has flown over 6000 people including famous

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