Essay On Spanish Vs English Colonization

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When the Spanish French and English landed in the Americas, with the goal of colonization, they ran into the natives, encountering communities inhabiting the Americas all of their life. The colonizers reacted to the Natives differently. The Spanish vowing to rule the natives, making them as much like a Spaniard especially in religion as possible. The English wanted to use the Natives, viewing them as their servants, and like the Spanish, wanted to convert the Natives to be more like the superior English. The French on the other hand, believed more in using the Natives as resources, but still reassured the natives that the French were better. The Spanish and English treated the Natives like beast, therefore struggling to manage the Indians when they refused to be demoralized and viewed as property. The French on the other hand wanted to use the Natives too, but as resources, ignorant people who could be used to better the French, but eventually adopted the views of the English.
The English struggled to see the Natives as a functioning community, who did not need to be adapted to English customs nor feed off of the superiority of the English. As the English developed the 13
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This treatment of other living beings assured the mindset of the Europeans that this type of discrimination and abuse is justified because the Natives were not really people but tools or labor to be used by Europeans. As the importation of African Americans into the Caribbean for sugar plantations and then into North America, specifically the English colonies became more common, slavery became more and more popular, with few people seeing the complete lack of morality there was. The Europeans did not expect when arriving first in America that they would eventually lead to slavery that would only be abolished in
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