Essay On Spartan Civilizations

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Over thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece many early civilizations formed in making a powerful civilized society. Many civilizations were successful at one point, but other civilizations did not have as much success. Much success was because of the size of the army and in addition the power one civilization had. One early successful civilizations that did not rely so much on the size of the army or society, but relied more on the quality of the army and making sure everyone works as one unit. Sparta was a city-state located in Ancient Greece that was based off a strict warrior society known as Lacedaemon. Spartans capital was located at Laconia and had a very isolated environment with mountains and water which was another reason why Sparta was so successful for such a long time. Sparta’s main reason because of their success being their military reach their peak around 404 BC (“Sparta” 2009). Spartans military played a huge role in the society of Ancient Greece through Spartan women, government hierarchy, and…show more content…
There was still a class hierarchy that was established. The Spartans were the highest on the hierarchy and all The Spartans were citizens. The middle group was called The Perioci which means “dwellers-around,” and those were the craft men and work men who were not citizens, but as well were not slaves. The last group was The Helots, these people were slaves mostly from war and they did all the dirty work. The Helots made work a lot easier for the women since The Helots were stuck with the dirty work and not the women. The Helots were also treated very poorly and in fact The Spartans would kill a helot just cause he wanted to. One Cruel thing the Spartans did was get the Helots drunk so they would embarrass their selves in front of everyone and the Spartans did this to show their kids what losing self-control was like. Obtaining self-control was very important for the
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