Essay On Special Education

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Throughout the many years I have been teaching in the classroom, it has been my belief that every child deserves the right to the best education possible, in spite of their special needs. Special education is educating children with needs that expand the range of peers their age who are developing normally. While the needs of each student differs, the child deserves the best education with a focus on their immediate and future needs in a safe and nurturing environment. Special needs children have the ability to learn, to perform, and succeed. Although their placement may be different than that of their general education peers, every student with special needs has the right to be educated in the least restricted environment. For some students…show more content…
It is vital to create a structured, nurturing and safe learning environment to foster success. The special education and general education classrooms, although separate, must function together and provide a rich learning environment that offers support to all students. Collaboration between the special education and general education teacher is essential. If a student is learning in both areas, it will be crucial for me, as the special education teacher to provide my expertise to the general education teacher so that she may best meet the needs of the special needs child. There are state and federal laws put into place to ensure that these students don’t fall through the cracks and get left behind. Such laws state that all special needs children must be given the same opportunities to learn as their peers. Social functioning is imperative for these students. Students with special needs often suffer from low self-esteem, have trouble making and keeping friends, and often feel shunned by their peers. As a special educator I must create goals and objectives to not only meet the cognitive needs of my students but their social needs as well. I must encourage students to build on their strengths so they can eventually become good advocates for themselves in any
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