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The biological species concept identifies a species on the basis of the interfertility of individuals, that is in terms of reproductive isolation (Mayr 1942). According to this definition, testing species delimitation calls for a test of inbreeding between individuals that originate, or not, from the same population. Species delimitation is essential since species is regarded as the basic unit of analysis in nearly all biological disciplines, such as ecology, biogeography, conservation biology, and macroevolution (Mayr, 1982). Any incorrect species delimitation may result in more serious errors in succeeding relevant studies, which will increase the costs of species conservation or lead to an unpredictable waste of effort (Wiens, 2007).
The methods of species delimitation mainly have two general categories: tree-based and non-tree-based approaches (Sites and Marshall, 2003, 2004). Delimiting species by tree-based methods are carried out by recognizing species
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(N. Salimi Moghadam et al. 2015).We have no information on its popula¬tion genetic structure, genetic diversity, and morphological vari¬ability in Iran. Therefore, we performed morphological, micro-morphological and molecular study of 13collected species of 3 section in the subg. Geranium. These species usually grow in vicinity and occur together even in a single locality. geranium is both insect- and self-pollinated (Funk et al., 2009; L_opez-Vinyallonga et al., 2009), and inter-specific hybrids and intermediate forms do occur in few geranium species in the area of species overlap (for example see Rechinger, 1972, 1979; Mehregan, 2008). Therefore it is important to delimit the identified species for performing further detailed molecular

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