Essay On Species Loss

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According to the article “Adaptive Management to Protect Biodiversity: Best Available Science and the Endangered Species Act” Green & Garmestani (2012), Human have increased species extinction rate 1,000 times by many activities. About 10%-30% animals face extinction in the Earth, human also increase the climate change to influence the rate of extinction (para. 1). Many species are facing extinction problem in the world, which is a serious problem for the ecosystem, and can make the contact between human and nature be broken. People should protect endangered species in some complementary ways.
Species extinction is an unchangeable problem can be influence both environmental development and human study of nature. For one, species loss is one of the most serious environment problem human are facing today. This is an
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One the one hand, species loss can be related to human health. In the artical “Impacts of biodiversity on the emergence and transmission of infectious diseases” by Kessing et al. (2010) said that the disease transmission can be cause by species loss and the place used to have many species probably create new pathogens by extinction. It is surprise that the decrease biodiversity cause more illness, the more pathogens there are, the danger human will be because of the increase pathogens (abstract). On the other hand, species extinction will influence many part of the natural environment. In the article “Consequences of changing biodiversity” by Chapin et al. (1886) said that the result of altered diversity can be affect on richness, evenness, and composition, all of those things need to be focus because they can respond the huge influence to ecosystem. Also the abundance of species can be consequence of ecosystem function and progress (para.7-14). The nature’s function and progress can be broken by species extinction which means human should keep focus on this
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