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How to Speed Read: Perfecting Your Speed Reading in 3 Simple Parts.

Learning how to speed read is just as hard a task to accomplish as learning how to read in the first place.

But then science tells us that we grasp very little to almost nothing of what we speed read; so, why would anyone want to learn this skill anyway?

Well, the truth is, sometimes we just want to get through the morning newspaper or favorite magazine just a little bit faster.

We may also want to skim through those large volumes of a chapter of a chemistry textbook just to remind ourselves of some quick concepts just before an exam.

A perfected speed reading skills can come in handy in such real-life situations. Plus, our brains get used to the speed as we progress, and we can
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Whether it's for your recreational reading, or skimming through office memos and sensitive emails or even preparing for exams in academic settings, speed reading sure has a lot of benefits for any reader.

It would probably be important to note that speed reading is not recommended for deep understanding or memorizing of important text like contracts, or class notes and it would not be a viable option in such or similar scenarios. Nevertheless, some contracts need a second or third glance before you can do any signing and you will most definitely find yourself in a situation where you need to do some final revisions before any kind of formal assessment exercises, and this is where you can put your speed reading skills into practice.

Finally, here is a simplified WPM score guide to help you improve and mark progress during your fast reading training.

* Between 200 and 250 WPM – this is the average reading speed for an average 12 year old . This reading speed can be carried on to post teenagehood and sometimes well into adulthood in some

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