Essay On Spin Doctoring

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Spin Doctoring
Spin Doctoring can be defined as a process of giving favorable interpretation of things and events to the media, especially on behalf of a political party.
The term “spin,” which means the interpretation or slant placed on events was derived from a sporting metaphor, where the pool player puts the spin on the cue ball. Doctor in its own meaning was derived from the allegorical uses of the word to mean patch up. Then also the fact that only professionals were assigned to the job. The term “spin doctor” was first coined by American novelist Saul Bellow, in his 1977 Jefferson Lecture about political actors.
The word Spin doctor is mostly used to describe public relations experts as well as political representatives whose job it is to put a 'positive spin' on events or situations or as someone, especially in politics, who tries to influence public opinion by putting a favorable bias on information presented to the public or to the media. The verbs “spin doctoring” is also commonly used to describe the work of a spin doctor.

You may ask yourself, why should you care? It is inexorable nowadays that most of us if not all have read a spin doctor's words today either via print or online. That quote which caries the name of the CEO of the company in that front page page, He never said it, a PR guy created that quote.
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Others will argue that is only wrong only when it is done for the wrong reasons or motives either way, Trust in its true essence has lost it value due to spin doctoring. A lie would make no sense if in true essence the truth was not felt dangerous words spoken by Alfred Adler. So when spin is seen to be obvious, the people begin to lack trust in the government. We can see this from the 2004 independent review that was financed by the US Government to check the government communication and it was found that the trust level for the government and politicians have drastically reduced during it era of
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