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Spinal decompression illness, also known as disc decompression, is a result from the spinal nerves compressing one another. The spine is made up of 24 vertebrae and in between each one there is a disc, allowing movement of the spine and for cushioning. Spinal decompression surgery has many procedures intended to relieve symptoms caused by pressure on the spinal cord. This could be irritating because the disks are collapsed, joints thicken and ligaments get loose in the spinal cord, which narrows down the spinal canal, as well as the spinal nerve opening, known as the foramen. The narrowing of the spinal canal is referred to as spinal stenosis; this can lead to a lot of pain, numbness, and muscle weakness in the arms and legs. (Lumbar Decompressive…show more content…
Pain is one of the major symptoms and occurs daily when one has spinal decompressing because the spinal bones are basically rubbing one another. Pain typically happens in normal everyday activities such as; lifting grocery bags, bending to the ground, a misstep while walking or even lifting a suitcase. All these activities require energy and the use of the spine and that is why the person is in pain. (Symptoms of spinal decompression fracture, 2016) Of course spinal decompression can happen to anyone, but it is more common for the elderly because as a person gets older their spinal discs thin out because of gravity. If the discs thin out there is no cushion for the spinal bones, which leads for the spine to compress together and squeeze on the nerves. Either female or male can get this, but it mostly depends on their age. This could happen to people who either have a family history of spinal decompression or do not. Spinal decompression can happen anywhere from cervical to the lumbar region, it varies from person to person. (Schaufele,

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