The Importance Of Spiritual Healing

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Reason for choosing this particular therapy
Spiritual healing has been criticized for many years by doctors and scientists that hold a more secular approach to treating human conditions. The reason I chose this therapy is because of the large speculation that surrounds the natural healing process that spiritual healing adopts. The importance of this therapy has been noted in the last few years and this hands on approach is growing on a global scale and “spirituality is commanding more attention as modern scientific medical theory and practice are called into question” (Health and Healing, 2011). Many people have a negative view about spiritual healing as it seems unconventional and embodied in religion, which is a touchy subject for many.
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Upon meeting the therapist, Karin Ritchie, I immediately felt her warm and accepting nature in the way she greeted me. The interview was conducted in a garden that was very relaxing and open which felt like an escape from the busy lifestyle we most of us experience on a daily basis. This state of serenity that I was surrounded by was very distinct and unique to anything I had previously experienced, which made this encounter something special.
Before I observed this particular practice, I was able to discover what Kundalini was about by questioning Karin Ritchie. Before discovering Kundalini, Karin was an endurance athlete and after sustaining a serious knee injury, began her search for a new passion. Karin states that the purpose of Kundalini is to create a sense of healing, balance, and connection with one’s mind, body, and soul. I had always thought of yoga as something that promoted physical well-being, however, as Karin explained, Kundalini is a form of yoga that creates a sense of awareness throughout the body and promotes physical and mental
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At the beginning of the treatment, Kayleigh felt a rush of emotions and thereafter a sense of serenity. After the treatment where a period of relaxation occurs, Kayleigh began feeling extremely emotional and then began to cry uncontrollably. This made her feel as if all the built up tension and negative energy was pouring out of her body that had been the cause of her suffering lately. After receiving the treatment, all the doubts Kayleigh had were removed and she had found the solution to her problems.
When asked to state what they understood of health and illness, the following answers were given:
Karin – “Health and illness originate from within the body. As long as you keep your body, mind and soul aligned, illness will be unable to exist.” What this means is that if a person constantly remains in control of their body, they will be healthy. As soon as we lose contact with ourselves, we are more susceptible to contracting illnesses.
Kayleigh – “Health is about accepting who you are and then being able to love yourself. Once we love who we are, then you are able to fully love your body and treat it with that love. We do this by nurturing it with healthy foods and sufficient exercise in order for our body to thrive and remain healthy”. “Illness is something that occurs when our body becomes vulnerable to infection. This may result from neglecting our bodies or by storing

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