Jesus And The Serpent: An Analysis

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Many people fail to comprehend the above truth because they think that there are people who are spiritually neutral. This is false because, in the spiritual realm of existence, there is no fence-sitter. Anyone who wants to be neutral from both Jesus and the serpent is a child of rebellion, they are under the authority of the serpent. Those who are under the authority of Jesus have submitted their lives to the authority of His word. Whoever has not submitted his life to the obedience of the word of God is under the influence of the serpent, Satan is his master. The truth is rigid because it is the truth. All the spiritual protocols are fixed, they are absolute. The truth cannot be white and black, as it could only be one colour. It could…show more content…
The notion “child of God,” means someone has submitted his life to the obedience of the word of God. Anyone who still loves sin reveals his true colours. He reveals his love for the evil snake. You cannot love God and reject His word at the same time, and whoever is doing this does not love Him because he is rejecting the instrument of His authority over His creation. The devil understands the truth, as he knows that every person who rejects the word of God is under his control. You may project yourself differently to the people by giving them the impression that you are a child of God, but your number one enemy knows the truth, Satan knows all your true colours. He knows that every person who rejects Jesus and His word is under his influence, he is part of his kingdom of darkness. You are not part of the kingdom of light because of what you are saying with your own mouth, your heart reveals the true state of your spiritual leaning. If your heart still fights against the word of God, you are still ruled by the devil. You might preach the gospel every day, and you might have prayed for the healing of the nation, but if you reject the word of God, you reject Jesus. Anyone who rejects the word of God either does not know Jesus or he has not seen…show more content…
In the spiritual realm, we cannot have it both ways. We can either be with Satan or Jesus. Those who want to run away from this reality have run to the kingdom of darkness. Any choice or decision that is not for Jesus and His kingdom is for the kingdom of darkness. Man can never live without the help of God. The devil can tell you all the lies he may churn out, but the truth remains, man has been made to live in God. Most assuredly, we are all incomplete without Jesus. Our lives have been made to exist within the spiritual environment of holiness. God is our cover, and He is the seal of man’s goodness. Without the spiritual seal that covers us, our lives are just empty shells. We are a product that will malfunction if we do not have the spiritual covering of God. When man is left alone to his own devices, he becomes a danger to himself and to all the members of his family. Without the presence and guidance of God, man would self-destruct. He would do all that he is not supposed to do because he would not have the guiding presence of the
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