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Answer of Question 1:

The language is very important for human. It is a tool of communication between people. There are many languages in the world like English, Arabic, Italian and French. In this assignment essay I write about English language and its features. Today the English language is an international and global communication tool in the world. There are many things must learn to gain English language. Consonants and vowels are described & differed. In addition, the difference between letters and sound is learned.

When we need to improve our speaking in English we should learn the description of consonants and vowels. English has 26 letters that is called the alphabet. Each letter has its own director. They have exits like nasal cavity, alveolar ridge, lips, teeth, larynx, palate, uvula, tongue, pharynx, vocal and
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So, we can see many people can read and write English with no trouble but when coming to speak the trouble is coming. Prosody is such tool to learn English phonetics. Wikipedia (2015) defines “Prosody” as the name of the troubled element of speech that is not individual vowels and consonants but is properties of syllables and larger units of speech. Features of spoken English language (Prosody) are 1) intonation, 2) stress and 3) rhythm.

All languages are using “melody” during speaking to get attention from listeners and put importance, funny, sadness or surprising to what people speak about. Wikipedia (2015) defined intonation as a variation of spoken pitch that is not used to differentiate words; indicating the difference between statements and questions, and between different types of questions. As an example when we ask a question to someone not in attention with us we will speak loudly and trying to get him/her in attention, and also if we tell a story of history and listeners are hearing carefully the sound will be more
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