Argumentative Essay: Why Sport Hunting Is Inhumane?

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“Although it was a crucial part of humans’ survival 100,000 years ago, hunting is now nothing more than a violent form of recreation.” (“Sport Hunting Is an Unnecessary Form”). Some feel that hunting for sport is enjoyable and a fun activity, while others find that it’s an arrogant and selfish form of murder. Sport hunting is unacceptable; it robs the animals of their habitats, decreases the population of the animals, and is simply inhumane. At the same time there is habitat loss, which is equally as bad as sport hunting. Usually people will destroy habitats crucial to animals to make sport hunting easier. “The bulldozer is not only killing the trees and other plants that it is running over, but it is killing the living area of multiple species.” (“What is Habitat Destruction”). There are people ruining perfectly healthy land, crucial to the environment and animals that we need. Animals that are hunted for sport…show more content…
Animals have feelings and lives too. “Like people, animals want to live, they also love and feel pain. Animals shouldn’t have to die just because some humans consider hunting to be fun.” (¨There Are Still People¨) Why would we take away a life just to use it as an award, especially since it’s against the law? It illegal to import animal hunting trophies. “Many animals imported as trophies are members of species protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), such as leopards and African elephants, the importation of endangered and threatened species is only for scientific research, enhancement of propagation, or survival of the species. ” (“Sport Hunting Should Be Banned”). If hunters really don’t want to give up hunting as a sport then there are many alternatives. Activities/sports that can provide a better outcome than hunting do exist. “'Trap' simulates field shooting of waterfowl and game, shooters fire at clay discs flung into the air from an underground bunker.” (“Are There Any Alternatives To
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