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The relationship between food and athlete performance goes back to 450 B.C. When a Greek named Dromeus of Stymphaus proposed that athletes who consumed meat gained muscle strength and therefore their performance would be optimal (1). In 1960, the Australian wrestler, Lionel Rose fasted to increase his weight in the morning prior to competition. Then he ate steak, a whole chicken and he completed his meal with even more steak the night before his competition (1). In 1962, the use of the biopsy by Jonas Bergstrom enabled the measurement of metabolic responses of muscles after the exercise (1). The improvement of scientific techniques had significant effects on theories, and different nutrients are put forward as performance enhancing nutrients. While the runners of the Olympic marathon
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His daily intake of food included brown rice, tofu, low-fat products, dairy products, and 20 pieces of fruits and vegetables (2).

The new technology has evolved, the research in this domain has progressed, and thus our knowledge on the appropriate dietary consumption for sport performance has improved. The pace of this progress renders the sport nutrition advice that we give nowadays to the athletes, different to that given even a decade ago. Nutrition often comes in third place, after talent and training as a factor affecting athletic performance. However, athletes can optimize that talent and this training by following sound principles of sport nutrition (2). With the continuous scientific development, the target market of information delivery of sport nutrition is no longer exclusive to elite athlete, and now reaches several different levels of athletes interested in achieving the optimal performance in their chosen sport. Registered dietitians and sport nutritionists sport occupy an integral part of sport science/medicine team at many levels (3). The role of registered dietitians and sport nutritionists is based on the integration of nutrition principles and

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