Describe The Relationship Between Alcohol And Sport

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Stress: Stress is related to sport and fitness because being stressed can affect your mental state of mind, this means you could make the wrong decisions within a sport or a fitness techniques. Due to being stressed your performances would drop and you wouldn’t be able to cope. This situation may arise because you may have other commitments. Alcohol: Alcohol can be related to sport and fitness because if a performer or athlete overdrink this could cause the person mind to get carried away and not to focus on the task in hand; this would also affect the person health. Alcohol can damage the person organs in the body they would need in order to perform to their maximum. Then the performer would get addicted to the alcohol and therefore they would give up on the sport or fitness they intend on doing. Smoking:…show more content…
Smoking would make you become lazier and not do much sport or fitness due to the fact you get out of breath easier, in order to become good at what you do best, your body health needs to
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