Essay On Sports And Visual Arts

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Value of Sports and Visual Arts In today's society, high school sports are highly valued. With sports comes recognition, good health, and so much more. Although sports provide many positives for growing teens, they are too glorified. Too much funding and support from schools and communities go into the sports program, and while many programs out of school allow kids to take part in sports, rarely are there any that involve acting, music, and art. The art programs, specifically music, teach creativity and have the benefit of helping with math and science skills. Visual art programs have fewer restrictions on physical attributes, if you want to paint you can do so just as well if you're in a wheelchair, or standing on both legs. Both sports and the visual arts have their place, and they are both very important to a teenager’s growing mind. The visual arts deserve as much recognition as sports. Being involved with both sports and the visual arts has many benefits in anyone’s…show more content…
The answer is very clear in some cases, and it begins with entertainment. Our society puts so much time and effort into sports because of the revenue and entertainment provided. Today, it is acceptable to spend so much on high school sports, because all around the nation’s sports are at the core of our entertainment. By making a profit on selling sports to our community, the values of the school’s activities changes. The visual arts are not as broadcasted as sports, so they are not listed as important. It is time for people to understand how much time and effort is put into making a show spectacular, or a painting brilliant. So much thought goes into the visual arts by not only the students, but the parents and coaches as well. If more recognition were to be put on the fine arts, then it would help our community understand all of the hard work dedicated to the art
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