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The love this world has for sports is something people have never seen before. So many people would die to play the game they love, but why not talk about it or entertain them while the game is being played? A sports broadcaster or sportscaster is a professional who reports on many athletic events on radio or television. In the field, there are different types of broadcasting. Sportscasters who specialize in running commentary can be one of those types, and the majority of sporting events will feature both of them.

One of the best and most recognized occupations in the sports broadcasting field is the game announcer and commentator. Commentators usually work side by side, consisting of the play-by-play announcer and the color commentator. Play-by-play announcers describe the plays that are called and explain what is happening to the athletes, while the game is happening. The color commentator takes over when the game is not in action, to share their thoughts and game experiences. This is transitioned by the play-by-play announcer asking the commentator a question, in a way of tag team effort to
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However, this position is only granted for a small percentage of people working in sports broadcasting field. Television networks are one of the biggest employers for full time sports broadcasters. Big time television networks as well as sports channels or television channels that specialize in only one sport, keep a total count of sports broadcasters and commentators in a specific position, basically on contract. Radio work is common as well, just not as important as it was in the past. Internet based sports broadcasting are starting to become more global, but currently those positions are not as lucrative as others. A typical sports broadcaster's office is either in a stadium press box, a studio, the sidelines or the locker room interviewing players and coaches after a
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