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This is the first level of the sports continuum and is the majority of participants. It includes young people taught in physical education lessons. It provides basic sporting skills and provides an acquisition of good exercise and skill habits. The basic skills are taught to be transferred. A sporting example of someone at this level could be a child starting a sport for their first time.

The participation section of the pyramid is when participants participate in an activity on a regular basis for enjoyment, they also compete against other people in this section at a low level. Sports development contribute significantly to this stage through things such as the community TOPS programs, these are after school coaching, and multi-skills clubs etc. Sports clubs are important at this stage in the continuum as they make the link to the next stage of development. a sporting example of someone from this stage would be someone who has been playing a sport for a couple of months and has developed some sporting skills and techniques and wants to start playing for a
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This stage is at the top and has the smallest box as there isn 't as many people in the excellence stage than there are in the foundation stage for example. To get to this stage the participants will have of had to compete since a young age and work their way up through the continuum by developing their skills and ability and competing regularly. In this stage it will be elite athletes and coaches. A sporting example of someone from this stage would be Lionel Messi, this is because he has been playing football all his life and has worked his way through each stage by developing his skills and competing regularly from county to regional to national. Governing bodies of sport are responsible for development at this levels as players pass from county regional to national
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