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There are sure many controversies related to professional sports administrators who are prone to being corrupt when it comes to large amounts of money, prime examples being betting and match-fixing. Being Head of a sporting body or a Federation is slowing becoming the dream job of many individuals. Being the Head of a sporting body, you aren’t held accountable for the poor results or for your actions. Plus you get to go on foreign jaunts and the best part being, nobody ever questions your credentials. A seat in the Lok Sabha or a seat in any ministry is regarded as a sufficient qualification for a person to be nominated as the Head of a sporting body.
There are many examples of administrators being involved in corrupt activities, the IPL scandal and the FIFA corruption case among the many which has involved huge sums of money. N. Srinivasan, managing director of India Cements, has been the president of BCCI and the
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It has been associated with it since the inception of international level games and some form of corruption will stay with us as long we hold competitive sports. It is simply a part of human nature. If not dealt properly, corruption will destroy many of the sports as we know them. Like a tsunami, it will sweep aside all other issues and will leave the sport dead and destroyed.
In India, often questions are raised whether a Politician or businessmen should be allowed to Head these bodies, where the quality of the sport is on the decline. India lags behind to even some of the poorest countries in the world. At the junior level, they can compete with even the best in the world. But at the senior level, where the real capability of a player is tested, we Indians fail miserably. After every disappointing Olympic campaign, questions are raised as to why ex-sportspersons are not allowed to Head these bodies. But after a few days the clamor dies down, and everyone forgets about

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