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To achieve quality physical education and sports programs in secondary schools, PE teachers need to encompass the determination, allocation and development of funds for the achievement of the school sports programs. Physical education program requires financial stability and/or appropriate funds in order to erect new sports infrastructures such as courts and pitches and to maintain the existing one for the use of the students. Bucher and Krotee (2002) believed that sports facilities should be planned and constructed with an eye on the future. Too frequently, facilities are erected and their uses are out-grown within a very short time. Most facilities constructed in our secondary schools are very difficult to expand or exchange. Sports facilities…show more content…
Any restriction will result of lack of teaching stations and playing area is one of the reasons that result in poor programs in physical education. Consequently, schools should be built on fully equipped facilities for all subjects including physical education. According to Bucher (2002), the school is responsible to include outdoor facilities such as a playground, pools, courts, and fields. And indoor facilities such as lockers, shower rooms, weight and exercise room, clipping walls and…show more content…
The sports facilities available in a school for the conduct of physical education program determine to a considerable extent the level of lessons of physical education that can be conducted Anejo and Okwori (2004). Moreover, Ekanem(1995) found that adequate facilities are vital prerequisites to excellent performances in sports at all levels of participation. Any activities need appropriate facilities and equipment. Consequently, not having proper facilities and equipment creates difficulties in teachers planning and teaching of physical education

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