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Many stories of children have emerged of kids learning new languages, learning important life lessons, and opening up to others through sports. However, some schools require kids to have good grades in order to play sports, and some kids cannot keep up with these expectations. Due to all of these positive effects of playing sports, kids should not be forced to get good grades in order to participate in school sports.
Learning disabilities and mental disabilities can make a child’s life difficult and make them do badly in school. Many children are affected by learning disabilities, and some of them play in school sports. Making students get good grades in order to play the sports that they love so much can make students like these blame themselves for work that they do not know how to do. This sort of blame and pressure put on themselves can result in mental disorders like depression. The online article “How Playing
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Some of the many unique things that school sports can teach kids is how to be a leader, how to be a follower, and how to work with others to achieve a common goal. While some may argue that all of these things can be taught in school, where classes allow students to work in groups, most of the time the work is independent, and kids do not have the chance to exercise their skills in leadership or teamwork. In the online article “Life Lessons Sports Have Taught Me”, author Madison Bess talks about how sports have taught her to work hard and fight for the results that she wants. In her own words, “Sports, in my opinion, consistently make you a better person.” Because of all of these life lessons, kids should not be kept from sports just because they are failing one class. The lessons that they learn while playing in school sports can be carried on with them far into the future, and can be used in certain situations in order to help obtain the results that are
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