Essay On Sports Medicine Doctor

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Most athletes become injured at least one time in their career and need help. Sports medicine physicians work with all different levels of athletes who are injured from their sport and assist them to full recuperation. To do well in this field, physicians must have a concern for the athletes’ needs and the ability to diagnose and treat injuries from the athletes’ sport. Although the extra four years of schooling is required to get a doctorate degree, there is a personal benefit of guiding athletes back to recovery and full rehabilitation. Therefore, those who thrive in helping people recover to their best selves should consider this line of work. Sports medicine physicians are required to graduate with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and 3 to 8 years in a residency program. To graduate with a bachelor degree in sports medicine, one must complete all classes, usually in 4 years. Students who attend the University of Alabama, for example, must complete a minimum…show more content…
One job of a physician is the ability to examine, diagnose and treat sports related injuries to repair and prevent any further injuries. The physician must assist the athlete in exercises to allow the muscle to regain strength. They also need to be able to help the athlete rehabilitate back to 100% mobilization and advise against injured athletes returning to the sport played ( : In order to treat these injuries, the physician must be able to make correct diagnoses from the patient’s history by reviewing the testing results (Powell). From the test results, then, the physician can read the results and proceed for the best way to treat the injury (O*NET OnLine). Although sports medicine physicians have several different jobs, treating the athlete with the best possible care to full recovery is the most
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