Essay On Sports Therapy

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In a world full of athletes a Physical therapist is a very viable asset to any athlete’s road to fame, because they provide support to the player, keep them healthy and in shape, and prepares them to get back on the field. As a Sports therapist you will work with athletes and exercise participants in order to help prevent, recognise, manage injuries and treat them if they should occur, and then rehabilitate the patient back to full fitness. Using the principles of exercise science, they incorporate physiological and pathological processes to make sure patients are training and competing safely and provide an immediate response when athletic related injuries occur. Work can be found in sports injury clinics or directly with a sports club or even as a personal therapist for an athlete, either professional or amateur. Many therapists can combine working and discipline with other sports-related roles. Some of the basic priorities of a sports therapist is to provide educational information about injury prevention, ergonomics and other ways to stay in tip top shape. They can refer clients to community resources and services for physical education. Also they can create, prepare and carry out individually designed programs of physical treatment to restore or improve physical…show more content…
In Sweden, the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics was founded in 1813, later referred to as “Medical Gymnastics” in 1865. Some research uncovered records of patient records in which conditions were treated using manipulative therapy techniques combined with exercise which helped patients overcome their physical problems and injuries. Surprisingly these records depicted illustrations of some of the same manual and manipulative we use currently today. Jonas Kellgren was a graduate 1865 and was found to be part of this group, he was known as the “grandfather of orthopedics”. Records described wealthy Americans traveling to europe seeking out treatment that was not available in North
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