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~ “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.” -Henry Ford (owner of Ford Motor company) “What if I don’t make it?’’ and “What if I tryout poorly?” are a few of the questions I ask myself constantly when I am preparing for a sports tryout. A few years back, I was head-to-head with a couple of crucial decisions that would change my perspective on failing forever. I had a choice: I could have chosen to quit, or I could have chosen to persevere. The law of life that I have acquired through my defeats is to persevere, constantly persevere. This law of life has been the foundation for all the activities I have decided to participate in. If I fail, I know that I can overcome the failure by staying resilient and perseverative. A few years ago, on a searing, humid day in August, I sauntered onto the baseball diamond with the hope of making the Ohio Bombers baseball team. I felt confident. I had worked very hard to make the team. Tryouts began and I grew anxious. Thoughts of failing lingered in my head as I began each drill. Once the tryouts ended, the coach gave his speech and announced that a phone call would be made within a few days to the players who made it. On the other hand, the players who didn’t make it would not receive a call.…show more content…
As a young, impatient boy, I wanted to be a superb wrestler immediately. I expected to jump onto the mat and have the victories start rushing my way. However, losses rushed my way. I had to face reality. I wasn’t going to win unless I began to work hard. This realization agreed with what my coaches always said, “There is no shortcut to success.” After taking this to heart, I began to practice like it was my last practice. This mindset paid off, and I then won several matches in a row. Wrestling was an important life experience. It taught me to be intelligent, resilient, and humble, but, most importantly,
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