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A. SPORT AS A UNIFIER 1. Sport is a unifier. Sport unifies teams, provinces, cities, countries and in some cases even the whole world. These games have the ability to put all problems on hold and find solutions to the most difficult situations. During these events we as spectators are able to see the athletes as more than just fellow human beings but as role models to society. Not only can sports unite countries around the world, but they can also bring individual sportsmen and women together as a team. Sport allows team mates to form bonds that teach them to function as part of a whole, which is also a worthy skill to have in life. These bonds formed sometimes not only exist during the game but off the field as well. Sports can bring strangers…show more content…
DOPING IN SPORT 2.1 Performance-enhancing drugs have been around for many years. These drugs give competitors that take them an unfair advantage over those who train naturally and don’t use drugs to increase their skills and ability artificially. The spirit of sport is through the pursuit of natural human excellence. All professional athletes belong to sporting associations that have strict rules and regulations regarding the taking of drugs, and are required to be tested and for these reasons, I do not think that drug testing is a violation of a sportsperson’s rights. 2.2 Drug testing at school level is absolutely justified. Not only is drug taking harmful to a person’s health and well-being, it also reflects on the character of the person involved. School sport participants compete with each other for places on school teams, to beat school records, to be selected for provincial recognition and for school colours in sport. All of these things, especially in South Africa, form part of a students’ portfolio when trying to get into university. Drug abuse among student athletes is definitely on the increase, and no student should have unfair advantage over another student. Drug taking is contrary to the spirit of sport and
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