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Spring Cleaning
Whenever spring knocks, it brings along spring cleaning with its wake. Spring cleaning is inevitable and no matter how much you hate it, it must be done. In fact, it is like a rite that must be performed. Whether you are new to the concept of spring cleaning or you are already used to it, I have compiled a list of tips that will make the whole spring cleaning exercise a success.
Plan Ahead
Whether you live in a tiny house or in a big house, planning is among the most important parts of spring cleaning. Like any project, you need to list out every part of the room that needs to be cleaned. Make sure that you do not leave any place out, some places like the laundry room, the garage and the closets can be easily left out while
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It is therefore recommended that you read all the safety precautions first and follow them. Do not mix chemical based cleaners if you sure not sure what you are mixing, this is because some If possible some may react to produce toxic fumes. Use natural cleaners if possible, for instance vinegar is a good substitute for general household cleaning.
After gathering everything that you want to ditch, take a closer look for which you can still put to use. By recycling, you save yourself some money and as well help to keep the environment clean.
Bring Back-up If Possible
After assembling everything that you need, you might find out that the work is too much for one person to handle. You can ask an extra hand from a family member or from a friend. In fact, they can save you from a lot of toil while moving furniture and other objects around.
Exercise Caution
Spring cleaning is intensive and one can easily forget basic precautions. Though spring cleaning is important, staying unhurt is more important. It is therefore important to be cautious when moving objects around by using proper lifting techniques as well as watching your space.
While cleaning high surfaces such as the walls, be extra careful while using ladders or stepping on stools. Also, watch out for wet surfaces. Do not do anything in a hurry, always exercise

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