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The use of repeated sprint testing has increased in recent years to quantify an important element of the fitness requirements in team sports including both court and field sports. Such sports are popular throughout the world. Athletes engaged in these disciplines are required to repeatedly produce maximal or near maximal efforts i.e. sprint while also have the ability to recover as quickly as possible and to delay the onset of fatigue. The aim of this study was to compare active recovery and passive recovery and their effect on sprint speed and lactate accumulation, such sports include Gaa, soccer, rugby, hockey, tennis and squash. Spencer et al (2004)(2005) suggest that the exercise intensities and sprint activities observed during elite
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The test strip was inserted into the strip outlet, following this a beep was heard.
3. The tip of the finger to be tested was cleaned.
4. The skin was allowed to dry
5. The finger was pricked with a softclick lancet.
6. The first drop of blood was wiped clear.
7. The second drop of blood touched the tip of the strip. Holding finger there until a beep was heard.
8. The results were displayed inside 60seconds and recorded
Sprint testing was performed immediately after a blood lactate measurement had been achieved.
Power timer timing gates were used to perform testing.
All testing was conducted indoors. 20metres was measured and at 0 metres and 20metres a timing gate was located. The subjects stood at the start and on their own accord accelerated into a sprint. Sprint times were recorded of the hand held power timer device. Once the subject completed the sprint he was timed to allow 30 seconds of recovery either
1. Active – brisk walk around the area or
2. Passive – sit until it’s time to start the next sprint.
The sprint trials were repeated 6 times with 30 seconds recovery in between each trial.
Following the 6 sprints and recovery Blood lactate was measured as before using the Pro Blood Lactate Test

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