Sputum: The Importance Of Spitting In Infectious Disease

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Sputum contains a lot of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. Respiratory infectious diseases, like influenza, tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, measles, pertussis, diphtheria and other pathogens, are spread through the sputum, very dangerous. Spitting there are many hazards, not only can cause health problems, in infectious disease multiple times, phlegm is a highly damaging route of transmission, inadvertently freely spit sputum are likely to have increased 10 people infected with the virus.
First of all, spitting could lead to spread bacteria, into the air will harm to people. In our usual life, no spitting everywhere slogan, the reason is spitting is an extremely uncivilized unsanitary, spitting will make sputum bacteria spread easily, especially in public places, crowded place will make the spread of the virus. Saliva hosts a variety of diseases and contagions. Sputum contains your DNA, autoimmune diseases and bacteria are therefore highly contagious in spit, spit as a shipping container from a host. Spitting, the infection must penetrate the body in some way and into the blood stream, such as through an open pain, mouth, even be deadly. Other germs, such as the common cold and worm, are suggestively predominant diseases spread by dribble. Public cases of spitting in the face of another person have led many to query whether
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Sputum contains many microorganisms, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. Some people to freely spit phlegmy, but spit sputum have something will spread disease, which can lead to serious health problems, for the sake of public health, environment and citizens to boycott spitting this kind of behavior. So, we cannot spit everywhere, we should improve the quality of individuals, and to remind people around the spit, tell them to do
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