Do People Disagree With Others?

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Creating a stable society is key to creating a reliable and pleasant life for its citizens. With an unstable society many people will be unhappy and argue with each other; most of which leads to larger disagreements. People should learn to control themselves when it comes to disagreement to prevent and big riots. Napoleon Bonaparte; a French statesman, once said, “If nations want peace, they should avoid the pin-pricks that precede cannon shots.” What he means by this is, if everyone argues over every imperfection their country has, it can only lead to bad things. He thinks people shouldn't make such a big deal over the less important problems. People are going to agree and disagree on different things because everyone has a different opinion.…show more content…
If people communicate over conflict agreements can and will be made. If people communicate, people will understand other’s opinions and maybe even agree with them. Which causes a peaceful relationship with each other. Someone who agrees with this is political leader Lobsang Tenzin. He once said, “Communication will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace and stability.” What Tenzin mean when he says this communication with others is how we avoid conflict. If people talk about problems before they get uncontrollable unnecessary conflict won’t occur. When people listen to other people’s opinions it can form relationships that are stable and peaceful. Someone that agrees with this concept is Portuguese politician José Manuel Barroso. He once stated, “There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability.” What he is trying to say is, without communication with other and agreement with other there is no stability and it there is no stability communication isn’t possible. People need to agree with each other because without it there will be no chance of creating a stable society. Without communication people won’t be able to work out arguments and war could possibly occur. Both of these quotes are saying that with no communication with others stability isn’t going to
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