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How to choose a standup paddleboard When it comes to choose the suitable stand up paddleboards which are best for you, there are a number of key factors that should be considered, however, the first thing required is to figure out what you want to do with the board. Generally, needs play a very important role in selecting a stand up paddleboard. The factors which need to be considered include: Size of the board The best way to think about size is in terms of volume. As a matter of fact, when the paddleboard is wide, long, and thick, it will have more volume. The more the volume, the more stable the board will be out on the water. In case you are a new paddler, first choose a board with a more volume until you get used to the sport and then downsize from there. Types of paddle boards It is important to understand the available types of boards. The basic ones include: All round/ Touring Stand up paddleboards These types of boards have rounded noses and are fairly flat on the bottom. They are much wider, longer, and have a greater volume. The volume of all round standup paddleboards normally ranges from as little as 150 liters to as much as 250 liters. In fact, the size…show more content…
Their design enhances quick turns and high performance. The thinner rails with a sharp edge carve better and give a more high performance turn, whereas a fuller, thicker rail cannot turn sharply though can be more forgiving in face of a wave. Longer rail line normally doesn’t turn quickly, but can give more glide and is easy to ride. Generally, the stand up paddleboards that are best at surfing normally range from about 7’ to 12’ in size and can specifically surf either short boards or long boards. Smaller boards are ideal for more aggressive turns, reverses, airs, and quick maneuvers. Bigger riders can maneuver the board like a short board at lengths of about 9-10’ and can look for chined or stepped down

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