Standardization Of English Language Analysis

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Furthermore, we begin to look at some of the political and economic conditions from the late fourteenth century onwards. Moreover, we find more examples of changes that assisted the movement towards the standardization of the English language. There are four stages that occur in the process of language standardization of any language. For instance moving from ‘dialect’ to ‘language’ from ‘vernacular’ to standard’ (Haugen 1966). As noted by Hogg, (1992) the four stages in the development towards a Standard English are; selection, acceptance, diffusion and finally maintenance these four factors have contribute towards the movement of the standard language spoken today.

Firstly, let’s consider the effects of selection, for instance south east-
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The invention of the printing press was one factor in the complex interaction of political and economic changes in England. By the end of the fifteenth century which led in time to the acceptance of the educated London dialect as the basis of Standard English. William Caxton used the current speech of London in his numerous translations; however in the sixteenth century the use of London English had become a matter of teaching as well as practice (Baugh, Cable 2002). The most significant factor must have been the emergence of London as the political and commercial center of the country. In particular the influence of the administrative of London Chancery was very…show more content…
The above observations illustrate, towards the development of a Standard English began emerging in the beginning of the Middle English period. The Norman Conquest, the rise of the middle class and the Black Death, the east midlands dialect, Caxton’s printing press are all instances of social political and economic conditions for the emergences of a standard language. Therefore, we define the Middle English period partly by the fact that there was various conditions that a standard English was beginning to emerge perhaps most of those mentioned were not predictable but rather influences were encountered beyond control. as change didn’t evolve over night as we have seen No one dialect that was accepted or used throughout the country as a standard in writing. What seems apparent is that towards the end of the Middle English period is when change towards a Standard English was truly
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