Essay On Standardized Testing In Schools

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When we reached school, on Tuesday, we were all scrambling for calculators and #2 pencils, becoming more anxious the closer it got. We then began shuffling into the room with rows upon rows of desks. Each desk was perfectly spaced apart from the next. I sat down instantly going through a checklist in my mind, of everything I was taught. Go to bed early the night before, eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, wear comfortable clothing, bring extra #2 pencils, take your time, and if you run out of time, fill in C. Four hours later, filled with timed test sections, we were done, and I finally had inspiration for my essay. Schools should become less dependent on standardized test scores, because they are unfair and negatively impacting students. When I decided on this topic, the first point I had to make with it was, test anxiety. I am one who is effected by test anxiety, and it is a daily struggle in my life. This has been something I have suffered for, for many years. Even…show more content…
Standardized testing is a necessity to help measure our education, but it is becoming to important in schools. Although we need it, we shouldn 't teach by it. Students should be taught things that will help them with the rest of their lives, instead of being taught for one important test. It would take quite a long time to get rid of standardized testing, but what is we just changed parts. Instead of having kids miss class for testing, why don 't we make it a week long event, and get all the testing out of the way. This will help eliminate a little of the anxiety kids may face after testing. We could also start providing more options for kids who are more gifted in the arts. Giving them more options for schools, and helping them prep for common core tests. The main thing we need to stop doing, is making the tests a bigger deal than they should be. When a child learns it should not be based on the next test they will be taking, but more on helping them use the things they learn in the real
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