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Can you believe that a single girl could have an impact on a whole school forever? That’s what Stargirl Caraway did. I have chosen the book Stargirl for my paper because of the girl herself. This book seemed to capture the essence of the most real girl you’ve ever heard of- Stargirl. Stargirl is a very interesting character; she isn’t someone you would call normal. She doesn’t dress like the kids at her school, she doesn’t act like them, and she just doesn’t live like they do. There are a lot of hidden messages and lessons that we can all learn from this book if we just dig a little deeper into the text. This essay will show those messages and lessons for you.
Stargirl had something called a “Happy Wagon”. It was a small wagon in her bedroom
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I think Christ followers should try to do this too. In Stargirl, most of the kids in the school only judged others by their outward appearance. They thought Stargirl was just weird. But when a small few decided to look a little deeper, they found that Stargirl had a kind and loving heart. Sometimes we look at someone who doesn’t really fit in with the crowd, and we think they are “weird” or “strange”; just because they act differently than most people doesn’t mean that they are a weird person. If we all actually try to look at their heart, they might have a good Christian heart that we can learn from.
This book has taught me many lessons about being myself and loving others. Overall, I loved this book. I found it truly inspiring to just live and just be who we really are. I would recommend this book to anyone. Even adults would enjoy Stargirl, as it could teach them a lot of lessons as well. This is actually one of the most meaningful and truthful books I’ve ever read, and I would very much recommend it to anyone who is struggling to find their identity or struggling with self-worth. It was truly and amazing book and it has hugely impacted my
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